The creative industry is Not Only about graphic design

Let’s be honest, there's endless content available on what it takes to be a Graphic Designer with interviews, talks, events and awards left right and centre.

But as Graphic Design graduates eager to get started at an agency, we quickly realised that the creative industry is Not Only full of Graphic Designers, But Also tonnes of other roles. Ones that we had never even heard of before; Copywriters, Coders, Client Services, Strategists, UX, UI and Motion Designers, and so many more.

This was where we came unstuck, asking ourselves; What do these people actually do? How did they end up here? Do I want to do that? Do I even actually want to be a Graphic Designer?

That’s why we created Not Only — But Also.

What is Not Only — But Also

Not Only — But Also is here to help people understand these roles and maybe even help them find where they fit. We want to open the conversation around the design industry in order to create new opportunities for young creatives looking for their first move.

We’ll be answering some of the big questions by speaking directly to the people who do these roles day in, day out. With features, interviews and talks we’ll share top insights from the people who know them best.

We don’t yet know all these answers ourselves, so this is a learning curve for us as much as you!

The other roles

Studio Sessions 👉

A behind the scenes look at what these roles do and how they fit into different agencies and brands.

Who does them

How I got here 👉

A series to show you how industry insiders landed their role, what they do everyday and their top tips.

How to get there

Where to start 👉

Insider tips on what you need to know and need to do to kick start your career in one of these roles.

Alongside these we will be featuring some great people with opinion pieces that share different perspectives on these roles and the industry.

If you’d like to help us make some of this happen or you’d like to contribute and you’re working in: Strategy, copywriting, development, UX, UI, client services, artworking, product, motion, service design or another role we haven’t even thought of yet, fill out our form or shoot us an email:

We’d love to hear from you!

Meet the founders

Guy Munday & Maddi Hutchison



Guy’s a Graphic Designer turned Developer currently keeping things running at Not Only — But Also. He’s self taught in all things code and spends half his time tinkering with fun interactions and animations.



With a background in Graphic Design, Maddi now works as a Brand Strategist.You can find her in catch ups with graphic design students, sharing what she knows or eating snacks while doing an online course. If we’re being really honest… just snacking all the time.