Calling all creative pairs!

We’re partnering with Olly&Franc to celebrate collaboration between different disciplines

October 2020

Olly&Franc ✕ Not Only — But Also

We’re partnering with creative duo Olly&Franc on a series to celebrate collaboration between design and different disciplines.

Olly&Franc was formed in early 2020 by two Black female designers, Jayde-Olivia Sandy and Sahara Jones. Between them, they have a wealth of knowledge on Branding, Print, Digital & Product Design and are sharing their journeys and experiences in order to:

  • Represent Black females in the creative industry.
  • Shine a light on the truths of the industry from their perspective.
  • Inspire, educate and instill confidence based on their experiences.

Why we’re working together

At Not Only — But Also, we are on a mission to open the doors on the creative industry to show that Designers don’t exist in a bubble, but collaborate with a whole host of other people. We’re teaming up with Olly&Franc with a series on teamwork between Designers and different roles. After all, two heads are better than one!

How to get involved

We're on the lookout for Designer & _________ pairs to share how you work together and manage the dynamic of your roles. Whether you work with a copywriter, art director, developer, marketer, motion designer, or another role, we want to hear from you!

If you are part of a creative duo, know someone who is, or think there’s someone that you’d like to see appear in the series, then drop us an email at or DM us at @notonly___butalso or Olly&Franc @ollyandfranc

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